The Maternity Hub

world class antenatal & birthing support
by the award winning midwife.


Delivering a positive pregnancy and  birthing experience as you transition to parenthood. 

Birthing with Confidence


Every woman deserves to have a fear and  anxiety free pregnancy and labour.

We aim to inform, support and empower expectant couples on their journey to parenthood through our childbirth preparation classes and birthing support (Doula) services . There is a class for everyone. 



At the maternity hub, we offer you different pillars of continuous support through our antenatal classes, pregnancy and birthing services (doula), workshops and meet-ups. We can support you from conception through to the fourth trimester and beyond. 

“With Woman” Packages


Being "with woman" means providing evidence-based educational, emotional and physical support to the pregnant women during antenatal, labour & delivery and postnatal journey. 

As a professional birthing support partner and midwife,  (Doula), we empower and support women to have a positive and memorable transition to motherhood.


Ganiyat, a first-time mum shares her experience of our antenatal class and is part of our online support network. 

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