Antenatal Classes


What are antenatal classes?

Antenatal classes are midwife led sessions/workshops which follows a thoughtfully curated antenatal syllabus

“Transition to Parenthood” written by Tolu the Midwife. 

The course covers a wide range of topics within antenatal, labour, delivery and postnatal periods. The group sessions are held in a relaxed and comfortable environment while the private one-to-one sessions are usually held in your home or a place of your choice with one birthing partner.

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Benefits of antenatal classes

There are many benefits to antenatal classes.

It’s a good time to make friends with other expectant parents who are due to have their baby around the same time as you.

Speak with an experienced health professional in a non-clinical and relaxed setting, raise any concerns/questions which you may not have asked at your antenatal checks

Empower women, boost confidence and prepare for the transition to motherhood.

Some of the topics covered include: 

Living healthy in pregnancy, diet, nutrition

Birth thoughts.

Preparations for labour, signs and stages of labour, delivery, pain relief options, breathing techniques, mobilising in labour.

What to expect in the postnatal period, caring for yourself, postnatal recovery, baby blues.

Bringing baby home.

Care of the new-born baby, cord care/ jaundice/wake-sleep pattern/bathing/nappy changing.

Discuss normality, deviations from the norm and when to seek medical assistance.

Breastfeeding, feeding support and expectations.

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Classes offered

Antenatal classes are available to all pregnant women and your partners from 26 weeks or more and are offered in the following packages: 

  • Women only Class
  • Antenatal Class: Webinar Series 
  • Couples Class 
  • Dad Antenatal Class
  • Private One-to-One Class
  • Postnatal Class

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