Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife is a maternity helpline that offers advice and support to pregnant women and new parents. 

Our friendly and professional midwives provide personalised, non-judgmental and confidential advice via phone or video calls. 

Call the Midwife Helpline is available as as a one-off consultation or a subscription service for that ultimate peace of mind with a midwife at your finger tips. 

Call the Midwife in three simple steps. 

STEP ONE:         

Choose your subscription 

STEP TWO:        

Enter your details and make payment 


You'll receive a detailed confirmation email and you can  schedule your first call. 


Maternity Helpline Hours.

The opening hours are 

Monday         8am-8pm

Tuesday         8am-8pm

Wednesday   8am-8pm

Thursday       8am-8pm

Friday             8am-8pm

Saturday        8am-8pm

Sunday           8am-8pm

Call the Midwife: Flying Visit

  • One-off consultation 
  • Voice Call
  • Duration: 15  minutes
  •  No Monthly Subscription 
  • Investment: N6,000

Call the Midwife: Comfort's Touch

  • Four Call the Midwife  consultations 
  • Voice calls 
  • Duration: 15  minutes
  • Monthly subscription required to pregnancy helpline

  • Investment: N18,000

Call the Midwife: Peace of Mind

  • Seven Call the Midwife  Consultations 
  • Voice  and video calls*
  • Duration: 25  minutes each 
  • Monthly subscription required for pregnancy helpline
  • Investment: N28,000


Who answers the call?

You will always speak with a professional and qualified Midwife. You can schedule calls if you would like to speak to the same midwife (continuation of care). 

Can I share my subscription with friends & family? 

No. The subscription is solely for the use of the named subscriber. Failure to adhere to terms and conditions, will breech and terminate your subscription. 

When can I subscribe to the Maternity Helpline?

We would recommend you subscribe from 13 weeks gestation/ the beginning of your second trimester. 

Who can use call the Midwife Maternity Helpline?

Anyone who is pregnant or has a baby aged four weeks or less. 

Can soon-to-be dads and fathers sign up to the maternity helpline?

Yes. Expectant fathers and dads with babies four weeks or less can use the service.  

Can I change subscriptions in the month? 

Yes and No. If you want to change subscription, you will have to purchase a new subscription package. 

What happens to my data?

Your personal information is treated with upmost confidentiality and will not be used/given to third party services. 

It will be held on our secured database.