Dads Antenatal Class

We often get so wrapped up with the pregnant women, men are unconsciously sidelined. The fact is you are having a baby too! and we need you here every step of the way. 

The benefits of the "Father Effect" is not spoken about enough. Many studies highlight the benefits of "fathering" include bonding with your baby, (even in utero) and contributing to your child's psychological and social outcome in a positive way. 


Men are usually sidelined or excluded from the transition to parenthood. This can affect the way he supports his partner and bonds with their baby. The reality of the matter is, Parenting requires teamwork and need to encourage men to be involved at every stage right from conception. 

At the maternity hub, we have created a class just for soon-to-be first time fathers. An intensive one-day antenatal class just for soon-to-be and first time dads. The class also includes practical workshops. 


The next #dadsantenatalng class will be on: 

Date: Saturday 27th April 2019

Time: 9:30am-3pm

Venue: Tink Africa, 32B Ramat Crescent, Ogudu GRA, Lagos. 

“A father who is controlled, informed about the context of the birth and confident of the role that he will play in the birthing room is able to go through an enriching and unique experience for him and for the triad since he has the capacity to provide the maximum support to his spouse/partner and enjoy the moment of becoming a father.” 

Coutinho et al, 2016

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